ProSolution Gel Reviews

Prosolution Gel Helps Every Man Properly Gel With His Partner

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While the world of male enhancement supplements or pharmaceuticals is a big, interesting area…very little is said about the other side. Sure, all-natural supplements are great and all. However, what about certain creams or gels that have shown success for men too? That is where Prosolution Gel comes into play.

Like a topical pain cream such as Biofreeze or compounded pharmaceuticals, topical creams have shown to
be impressive for numerous ordeals. It is not shocking, then, to see that there could be some male
enhancement or sexual performance improvements. The way to use it is also incredibly simple.

You take the gel out and rub it onto the shaft of your penis, or even better, have your partner do it. From here, the effects of the gel will begin. Depending on how your partner feels about it, you could wear this both with and without a condom. The effects of the gel will not be affected by the wearing of rubbers from what reviews have claimed thus far.

Unlike supplements that could take weeks to months to work, Prosolution wanted to make something allnatural that could be as immediate as humanly possible. This is important to mention, as a medication like Cialis could do similar but it is certainly not all-natural and comes with an array of possibly harmful side effects.

Thus far, the only issue Prosolution Gel would have is an allergic reaction to something inside the gel’s
ingredients. Do not worry though, we’ll be going over all of those shortly.

In any case, due to the immediacy, a man will be able to get a proper erection while also seeing a higher
level of thickness. This is due to the ingredients inside that affect the blood. On top of this, it has also shown to improve sexual performance and even helps you last longer. How does it do all of this? Let’s examine!


Inside Prosolution Gel is an entire list of incredible, natural ingredients. When we natural, we truly mean completely ALL-natural. How could something all-natural actually promise to help men have better
orgasms, a better erection, and even a better thickness level? It’s all about the blood rush to your male
member. With this improvement, libido and sexual performance overall are affected in a positive way.

We’d like to make sure you know that Prosolution has an entire list of ingredients on their website. However, we do not feel like using the information they listed for their ingredients would be useful. In our review, we wanted to use outside medical sources to ensure nonbiased results. We will also be citing those sources too, making sure you know proper research was done. Now, let’s dive into the ingredients.


Your body actually produces L-Arginine on its own. It can help with things like migraine as well as forms of inflammation. However, it has also proven to be a useful anti-inflammatory. L-Arginine is used to relax
blood vessels, which can help with various cardiovascular issues.

Usually, with stuff that affects the blood or heart, some can help men with erectile dysfunction. This is why Prosolution Gel utilizes it. Overall, this is one of the big primary ingredients for Prosolution Gel, so they are truly making it a huge part of the marketing.

Aloe Vera:

Probably one of the most well-known medicinal ingredients on the planet, Aloe Vera has numerous proven
uses. From helping people with skin issues to even assisting with inflammation issues, Aloe Vera is terrific.
However, its use is a bit simpler for Prosolution Gel.

They see it as a useful help to their cream itself, as they needed something to help properly distribute the ingredients across the penis. As a result, a safe and all-natural ingredient like Aloe Vera is perfect for such things.

Bearberry Extract:

Bearberry Extract comes from the leaves of the Bearberry plant. We know, we just blew your mind with that
knowledge! It has shown to be helpful for the urinary tract, making it a useful ingredient to have in
something like this. However, like the Aloe Vera, it is possible that the Prosolution Gel needs it for more skin-related needs.

Essentially, this extract has been known to assist with skin issues. Since it has been known to help improve the circulation of fluids, then naturally it is great for a cream or gel. Other than that, it helps with complexion and is often used as an astringent in many make-ups on the market. All of this just makes it perfect for a gel.

Algae Extract:

Similar to the last two, although there are many uses for Algae Extract, it seems like its use here is mostly to help the skin. Keep in mind, one is likely going to be using this gel with a lot of…shall we say, “friction.” It actually helps to hydrate the skin, so this will help the gel stick around longer and almost work as a lubricant.

Even though that is not the main use of it, one can clearly see it does not hurt. It also protects the skin overall, making it a perfect addition to the Prosolution Gel. Of course, while they could have likely been okay with one of these last three….the fact all three are present says they are trying to make sure they care about the skin and even the inside of prospective partners.

Mango Butter:

Do we really need to explain this one? Yet another skin aide. However, Prosolution Gel uses it as their
official lubricant. Even though it seems like they had plenty of that already. Who are we to question the use of butter anything though?


Prosolution Gel seems to be wanting to use as many natural ingredients as they can, so it makes sense for
Menthol to be here. However, they claim that it actually warms the skin. This is partially true, as it can get warm. However, when initially applied and for some time after, applying menthol to human skin actually
will result in a human experiencing a cooling feeling.

You’ll see it in many things, such as peppermint and even stuff like traditional Halls Cough Drops. Its
cooling power is highly notable, but another effect it has is the ability to calm down what it affects. For the male member, it will help get blood rushing for sure. Once it begins to warm with the body, it could likely even encourage it to remain erect longer. This is at least based on how it is used in other forms when used on the human body.

Vitamin C:

Normally one could get Vitamin C in numerous different things, but Prosolution Gel uses it for an
understandable reason. To go along with its cousin the L-Arginine, Vitamin C is also referred to as Lascorbic acid. There is some evidence that supports the idea of Vitamin C helping with erectile dysfunction in men, as well as the overall libido.

However, the main function of it in the human body, as well as the supplements, is to help with body tissue. It is known for being what helped to grow, develop, and repair all body tissue. This includes helping in the formation of collagen as well as the improvement of our immune system. It’s even responsible for absorbing
iron and using it in the body. Beyond this, it helps with overall bone and cartilage health, as well as even our teeth!


A lot has been said about Momordica over the years, but the real trouble has been proving it. People believe it can treat everything from fevers to HIV/AIDS. However, more studies need to be done to prove certain things, yet there are proven uses it brings to the table. Possibly, some of them are the reason it is used in the Prosolution Gel.

It has been useful in treating gastrointestinal issues, but could also cause them if too much is used of it. Momordica has also shown to help with coughs and other respiratory issues too. Yet moreover, we’ve seen some success in improving blood glucose levels. Therefore, it could likely affect some major blood sectors as well as hormones. However, tests are ongoing to prove some of this definitively.

Apigenin and Amla:

Apigenin and Amla are often associated with each other as of late but they have been used separately for
many years in herbal medicine. Apigenin is an often used flavonoid. Flavonoids are in most plants as well as many fruits and vegetables. They help to protect plants at their cellular level, Many of them also help with inflammation, heart, and dental issues. It has also shown some psychological functions too.

Amla, on the other hand, helps with inflammation, respiratory issues, heart disease, gastrointestinal distress, and even the cleanliness of the mouth. In act, it is known to strengthen teeth. Why are they used together when they are quite similar? As a team, they are said to work in tandem to deliver better overall sexual health by making sure the organ function at their highest level of health.


Arjuna has been used in Indian herbal medicine for more than 3,000 years, which goes to show you the level of importance it has on the region. To the rest of the world, it has still shown to be quite useful too.
Originally, when it was believed that the “humors” were a thing in medicine, Arjuna was used to “balance”
all of them.

This pretty much just meant it could be a relaxant for the body. That is why it has been used for bile
disorders, scorpion stings, and for treatment of poisonings. When it does so much, it is clear that one could see how it helped a person’s overall health. Heck, even the bark of Arjuna has been known to be useful for the heart. Prosolution Plus truly had a lot they could do with it. The calming of the body can be useful in sex,so we can see how a known relaxant could be beneficial.

Reishi Mushroom:

Reishi Mushrooms are used for a ton of medicinal reasons. We’ve seen them used for things from sleep
improvement to boosting the immune system, as they have been successful in both. Yet they also reduce
fatigue overall, thereby making them an energy source somewhat. They have also proven to bring down both
high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Due to this, as we’ve shown many times now, blood changing drugs can certainly affect the male member.
The mushrooms do not disappoint, as they actually have had some success in assisting men with sexual
problems. Of course, this is often helped more by putting it with other ingredients. It seems that the
Prosolution Gel is doing just that, so there’s nothing here to fear for it.

Zinc Oxide:

Zinc Oxide is often used to treat things like rashes, burns, or chapped skin. However, other uses for the skin are abundant. This includes things like treating hemorrhoids, itching, and much much more. It makes sense why Prosolution Gel uses it, right?

However, it is also proven to assist with hormones as it actually metabolizes testosterone. Normal Zinc,
when used with things like magnesium, has proven to help with increasing testosterone. Yet Zinc alone
likely can help with sexual vigor if nothing else.

Solidilin, Drilizen, Cassie, & Safflower:

Solidilin & Drilizen, as well as Cassie & Safflower, are both used apart quite often. However, the pair-ups are more common between the connected two. When in use together, they are meant to help with natural male enhancement. The way it accomplishes this is through affecting neurotransmitters. Drilizen is said to help in the release of nitric oxide, which can help blood flow and therefore possibly help with erections.

Solidilin directly targets dopamine, specifically the side of L-Dopa, which is mostly a dopamine affector.
There is a reason why it is used alongside Drilizen, as they both do different yet important things to make the other work better. They are all, in some form, vasodilators,


The Cordyceps is actually a parasitic fungus, this is not exactly as scary as it seems. We make many things out of fungus these days. In herbal remedies or supplements, It’s pretty useful in treatments for coughs, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues. It even helps with kidney disorders, nighttime urination issues, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, and anemia.

Yet it could easily be used in a mist or smoke that could affect the respiratory issues. If it helps blood issues, naturally that means it could have an effect on a man’s sexual ability. In fact, it is said Cordyceps helps men get an erection and keep it longer. While it has shown to increase testosterone in mice, this is not proven in human beings as of yet. However, Prosolution Gel utilizing it makes complete sense.


Curculigo has been used in several herbal medications and supplements throughout Asia. This includes its
use in both the notable Chinese and Indian herbal remedies. Keep in mind that it is actually mildly toxic to humans. Of course, there are many ingredients in normal pharmaceuticals that have the same issue. As long as the proper amount of this is used and added correctly, there is nothing to worry about.

When used properly, it can help with pains as well as symptoms from colds. It has also shown to be useful in strengthening the function of kidneys. However, it is also a known aphrodisiac. That is possibly one of the main reasons Prosolution Gel is utilizing it.


Bladderwrack is used for numerous thyroid issues, including things like an oversized thyroid gland. It helps with issues in the blood, which could be why it has shown to be successful as an anti-inflammatory that helps arthritis & achy joints. Due to the blood connection, it also has been used to stop the hardening of arteries in humans.

There was some thought that it helped with obesity by assisting people with losing weight and keeping it off. However, this has since proven to not be the case. In spite of this, the other uses it has should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that it helps the thyroid, which in turn could improve hormones and even sexual health.

How To Buy

So you want to try out the Prosolution Gel, eh? We cannot blame you, as it is certainly an interesting product with numerous yet impressive ingredients that help to make it awesome. Best of all, it’s all-natural and therefore not a risk to you compared to other products on the market meant for the same thing. Plus, it’s a gel so you do not even have to swallow a pill of some type.

The interesting part is if somehow you did accidentally swallow some of this stuff…it’s totally cool. It is so safe that it can actually be eaten. Of course, we do not recommend it as a snack or meal. However, if you did accidentally eat it or your partner got some accidentally, you’re good.

As we recommend with all things like this, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning the use of
Prosolution Gel. You may or may not be allergic to the ingredients, so it’s always good to double-check. We added them all above for a reason, of course.

If you’re unsure about using the gel, that is understandable. In fact, Prosolution Gel even gets it so much that they are making sure you can try it risk-free. They’re offering a 67-day money-back guarantee. If in this time you have realized that Prosolution Gel just isn’t working for you, call them up and they’ll give you your money right back, no questions asked.

If you ask us, that is some high-level confidence! Therefore, without major risk, there’s no reason not to try it out. To buy the gel, all you need to do is click the link below. They are currently offering deals and even free shipping worldwide, so now is the time to act.

Written by: JoeBurgett