ProSolution Plus Reviews

Prosolution Plus: Taking The Premature Man Into His True Maturity

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Prosolution Plus might not be a name you’re familiar with off the top of your head, but you probably should.
They have been around for a decade and have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to men everywhere.
If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or you simply need to improve your sexual performance,
Prosolution Plus is for you.

What we like the most about it is the all-natural ingredients used in the supplement. It can be difficult to use some famous ED medications like Cialis or Viagra. They have some significant side effects, including the fact that they can negatively affect your heart. They might make you last longer, but this is also a negative because they can actually keep you erect for many hours after ejaculation. This can be quite painful.

As a result, the need for supplements like Prosolution Plus arose. It’s clear that men need to avoid ejaculating too early, so a cure for premature ejaculation would be awesome. However, Prosolution Plus accurately does not call itself “a cure.” Rather, they use data from multiple studies that show the major success rate.

The American Journal of Therapeutics even cited a study into Prosolution Plus, which confirmed the base
version of the supplement is truly helpful in helping men last. longer.

Study Results:

What the study found was that the claims Prosolution Plus were making seemed to hold up for the most part.
They looked at this from an herbal standpoint, in that, they focused on the supplement using two polyherbal combinations. Specifically, they looked at its success rate in assisting male sexual satisfaction and put it up against a placebo.

The idea with this is that, if a person does not really have a problem but claims they do, you can use a
placebo (a sugar pill) to see. If they come back reporting results, then you know it’s all in their head.
However, if they come back and claim to have experienced no assistance, then doctors must reevaluate
treatment. This same concept is used when doing tests on medications.

It’s a blind study where no one knows if they have the actual supplement or not. This allows you to get a true reading, where everyone can assume they have the actual male aide. When the study concluded, they were able to find that those who DID have the supplement reported improvement in premature ejaculation by a whopping 64 percent!

It also showed improvement in erectile quality by 67 percent, improvement in overall sexual function by
48 percent, and improvement in sexual satisfaction by a massive 78 percent! This clearly proved that Prosolution Plus was not just blowing smoke up our hindquarters. They actually had something that could be useful to men.

What’s Inside Prosolution Plus?

This study helped a lot as it made doctors more likely to recommend it to their patients. Due to the allnatural ingredients, it made sense for doctors to see it as valuable. How many medications or supplements actually work incredibly well and aren’t filled with numerous side effects? Very few. As far as Prosolution Plus is concerned, there aren’t many to report due to the great ingredients. You might wonder though, what’s inside this supplement?
Since we do not like to cite what the companies might say about their own ingredients, we will be using
medical resources to back up the claims made. This means we will not be using the information from
Prosolution Plus’ website, as we want to be as unbiased with our review as possible.

Tribulus Terrestris:

Referred to often as the Bindii Plant, the Tribulus Terrestris kind of sounds like some alien plant to worry about. However, it’s actually known to be a terrific herbal ingredient. The main use for it in herbal remedies for years involved helping with blood sugar and cholesterol. However, anything that can do this usually also has the power to do other things inside the blood. This is when it was eventually found that it could affect hormone levels.

Not only could it affect male hormones but women’s too. Therefore, it could be useful in helping a variety of issues there. However, this is key for men because affecting these levels can help with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. That is why it has also been used in herbal remedies for such issues in the past. Of course, that is also why Prosolution Plus wanted to add it to their supplement.

Withania Somnifera:

Known by most as the Ashwagandha plant, Withania Somnifera is known to have a ton of useful health
benefits. It has been used in some form by both Asians and Africans for centuries. It is a well known
medicinal herb that has also made its way into prescriptions and numerous supplements. It has many uses,
truth be told. From being used as a dietary aide to helping with gastrointestinal issues.

However, it also helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. At the same time, also helps hormone
issues and has even shown to help with depression and anxiety. Yet the ability to affect hormones and blood flow might very well be why it is used in Prosolution Plus. When you can use a great medicinal herb AND it can be useful in assisting men, why not use it in your supplement, right?

Asparagus Adscendens:

You don’t need much help with this one, we’re sure. Yes, it is a type of Asparagus plant. For those unaware, Asparagus has been heavily proven to help with various inflammatory issues as well as some kidney
problems. It has also been useful to be an aphrodisiac, which improved libido and makes one want to get
involved in sexual activity.

Due to the massive amount of uses from a therapeutic standpoint, we can understand why Prosolution Plus
wanted to add it. By eliminating some inflammation and increasing the desire to have sex, you’ll improve
performance by a good margin.

Mucuna Pruriens:

Also known as the Velvet Bean, Macuna Pruriens contains neurotransmitters that can affect the brain in a
positive way. This helps to treat stuff like depression and anxiety, but there’s more to it than that. The plant has something known as Levodopa, an amino acid. You’ve likely seen it abbreviated as L-Dopa before too. This affects dopamine levels in the brain, which can be useful.

However, the best part is that L-Dopa on its own has proven to help with Parkinson’s Disease. Therefore,
when used in multiple ways for humans, there is going to be. sense of change. This means improved sleep,
improved mood, etc. Yet at the same time, it also increases sexual drives and even helps people want to be
more active. That could be why it has proven to reduce fat and help increase muscle mass.
Due to so much use, no wonder Prosolution Plus makes this a prime ingredient.

Asteracantha Longifolia:

The Asteracantha Longifolia has many herbal uses but it’s most known for helping people with Diabetes. On
top of this, its use as a diuretic and as an aphrodisiac make it an understandable addition to the team of
ingredients in Prosolution Plus. Unlike other plants, the entire plant from the flower to the root and seeds of the Asteracantha Longifolia is used in herbal medications or supplements.

Each can have an effect on something, which is why it is so critical to know which part of the plant does
what. It has proven to be useful in reducing inflammation and even helping against liver problems, including some forms of jaundice. While used by others, it has mostly been used by the people of India for hundreds of years to great success.

Curculigo Orchioides:

The Curculigo Orchioides may not be part of this supplement for long due to it being endangered. However,
it became this way for an understandable reason. People loved using it for its herbal medicinal properties. It has shown to be an immunostimulant, antidiabetic, and hepatoprotective. Along with being an antioxidant, this plant has been incredibly useful for the Chinese as a natural aphrodisiac.

If that was not enough, it has even shown to help with hormone issues as well as some cardiovascular
material. With so many useful medicinal abilities, it makes complete sense to have it in the supplement. The question is simply how long Prosolution Plus will be able to use it.


Asphaltum is packed with pretty much everything one could want. It assists with inflammation problems,
boosts energy, helps improve the immune system, works as a diuretic, and even helps with improving
memory. Of course, it also operates as an antioxidant while also helping to remove excess fluid from your

The latter is important for the body, as we have harmful fluid inside of us often, which our body can usually remove after a while. Yet this can sometimes take a while, allowing it to do damage to us. If you were not already sold, Asphaltum also contains 84 vitamins and minerals. Thus, it likely has an untold and unknown value that we just could not completely list here.

How To Buy

If you’re sold as much as we are on Prosolution Plus, then we highly suggest you try it out. There is no risk in doing so, as they are offering a 67-day money-back guarantee! You may find that number, 67, to be quite odd. It’s beyond 2 months, as you can see.

The reason they do this is that it often takes 3 weeks to 2 months for Prosolution Plus to work its magic.
Since this is an all-natural supplement, it will not be a “get-hard-quick” supplement or medication like
Viagra. It works on your body over a period of time to help you naturally be able to do this. Meaning, it is safer and has a lot fewer side effects.

Therefore, they offer a 67-day guarantee to allow you the chance to finish up the bottle and then 7 days to return it if you’re not happy. Thus far, very few have done this.

When it comes to Side Effects, there aren’t any reported. However, every man’s body will not be the same.

This is why we’d suggest you talk to your personal doctor about your health, and your need for Prosolution
Plus, before using it. They will know your health and if you’re not only healthy enough to use this but if
you’re going to have any adverse reactions. This is the only warning we’d suggest before using the
supplement, however. That is the beauty of all-natural ingredients!

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Written by: JoeBurgett