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Testrx: For Men Who Want To Build Their Testosterone To Apex Levels


If you’re a man over 30 years old, there’s a good chance that your testosterone is lower than you’d want it to be. Of course, hormone changes are common in both men and women as we age. It’s not shocking to see both estrogen and testosterone changes as a result. However, for men, there is good news! Testrx is here to help you increase your testosterone.

Nicknamed “Low-T” due to how common the problem is, men all over the world experience low testosterone. The problem for years was that increasing it became incredibly difficult. Finally, certain medications could help but they came with terrible side effects or they were simply not good to take for extended periods.

For example, steroids are proven to raise testosterone levels in men and women. However, this is more common for men as they affect the thyroid area, which in turn affects hormones. This is why extended steroid use can lead to acne breakouts as well as increased hair growth on certain sections of the body such as the armpits, chest, back, and face.

Low-T Problems

As mentioned, low testosterone levels are common as men age. With this, people assume that they are “just getting older” when changes begin to happen to their bodies. However, that is not exactly true. While aging can affect the body in some negative ways, this does not have to be in severely negative ways. This is especially true for men in their 30s, 40, and 50s.

That is why a product like Testrx is so useful, as it raises the levels safely and effectively through all-natural ingredients. More on that in just a bit.

The question is, what are some common problems for men with Low-T levels? You might be experiencing some currently, so pay close attention to this information.

When a man’s T-Levels are low, it can cause issues with bone mass. That is why you see some older men begin to go from being a bigger, muscle-bound guy to less so. For example, look at a man like Arnold Schwarzenegger or “Rocky” himself, Sylvester Stallone. Both men were ripped in the 1980s and 1990s but not as much so today. Yet while both men are in good shape, they are no longer as big as they once were.

Energy begins to disappear randomly too, making working out or staying in shape even harder. On top of this, your metabolism is also affected and you’re unable to burn fat/calories like you used to. This results in men getting “potbellies” or “skinny fat” with a gut.

Moreover, you might see random mood swings. This is why your dad gets mad at you when working on the car sometimes. On top of this, sexual material is affected drastically. This includes not only reduced testicle size but also reduced semen count. It’s tougher to get and keep erections, and much more.

All of this affects sexual performance, stamina, success, and satisfaction.

However, Testrx is here to help you raise it!

What’s Inside Testrx?

The ingredients in Testrx are pretty impressive and completely natural. That means you won’t see many if any side effects, at least not any major ones that you notice. Due to being all-natural, Testrx is also unlikely to cause interaction issues with other medications. However, you may still need to consult with a doctor. Either way, if you want to know what is inside the supplement, we don’t blame you.

We’ll go over all of them below. However, we will not be using information from the official Testrx website.We want to avoid any bias and will, instead, be using other trusted medical sources to back up our claims of the ingredients. Let’s get started!


ZMA happens to be a combination of several different things. This includes Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6. It is actually available on its own and has shown to improve some testosterone levels. Mostly, it is used to help athletic performance overall. It is known to help with energy, which is often why ZMA is called an “energy booster” when sold on its own.

Funny enough, it also helps people sleep better. This is likely due to using so much of the body’s natural energy up, therefore leaving less there to stop you from sleeping. ZMA is also very useful in helping your body in the muscle department. While you still need to work out to build muscle, ZMA’s help to this combined with improving T-Levels will naturally help you build muscle back up or build for the first time.

Fenugreek Seed Extract:

One thing we like about Testrx is that they are open about the amount of each ingredient they are using. In fact, they tell you right off that they use 300mg of Fenugreek Seed Extract. What is it and what does it do? Good question! Some tests have seen results in helping people with some arthritic problems. The extract is also known to help fight stomach issues like loss of appetite, constipation, and just general upset stomach issues.

It is also known to help for gastritis, which is just the inflammation of the stomach itself. Due to helping in this area, it has also shown to be useful for poor thyroid function and obesity. There are even some studies to prove its effectiveness against Diabetes, but it’s likely only Type 2 and not Type 1 that it directly helps. Some women have even been able to use it for problems with menopause, painful generation, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Vitamin D3:

You probably recognize Vitamin D3, as Vitamin D levels tend to be very popular to check on normal complete blood count or CBC reports. The exact amount used in Testrx is 1,140 IU. This is not a bad amount, as the 1,000 to 5,000 versions are available over the counter, Vitamin D3 is actually very easy to get by just going outside in the sun. This is why the amount used in Testrx is not too large.

What does Vitamin D3 do? There is certainly proof that it helps energy as well as your joints and muscles. It is able to do this because Vitamin D helps your body properly absorb calcium and phosphorus. Since calcium directly helps bones, you need proper levels of Vitamin D in your body. This is one way you can be assisted as a man, as simple inclusions of vitamins can help you drastically.

Vitamin K2:

Now, you may think we’re making up vitamin names. However, Vitamin K2 is very real and Testrx uses exactly 20mcg per supplement. It actually plays a big role in the body, and Testrx is smart for adding it in. Essentially Vitamin K helps your body with clotting blood along with calcium metabolism, and even heart health. The regulation of calcium deposition is quite important, as it directly helps bones as well as blood vessels and kidneys.

Due to its role in helping kidneys, Testrx could easily use it to help with its supplement. We as men will need to rid our bodies of any poison this or anything else gives us, by making sure the kidneys do their job….this will be a huge asset. It makes total sense that this supplement wants to include it.

Vitamin B6:

Testrx did not feel you were getting enough Vitamin B6 in the ZMA it seems. This is why they have included 5mg per supplement. Of course, Vitamin B as a whole does a lot of things but Vitamin B6 specifically affects metabolism as well as maintaining healthy hair, skin, and vision. There is some proof to suggest it helps brain and liver function as well as the growth & building of blood cells.

Vitamin B6 has also been proven to assist with sleep issues for those who take supplements of this isolated. The reason is that it helps your body make melatonin, something already in the body that when increased, makes you tired. This, in turn, helps your internal clock catch up and helps with sleep overall. This is obviously highly important when it comes to healing your body naturally as well as proper health overall.


This is Magnesium Aspartate, in particular. The difference between the two mostly has to do with oxidation. Like with Vitamin B6, Magnesium Aspartate is used in ZMA. Yet it is not enough according to Testrx, who feel you need an extra 200mg per serving (or per supplement). This is often used to help with digestion problems or overall gastrointestinal help.

For example, it is used to treat indigestion as well as stomach acid issues. That very well could also include acid reflux. There is also some evidence to suggest it can help with certain hormone stuff, which means it could likely build testosterone. However, while that is uncertain, studies have proven that it can help with some Diabetic issues as well as some heart-related issues. Overall though, Testrx likely uses it to help with absorption.


It seems that ZMA just could not get the job done alone to the makers of Testrx. They have included exactly 10mg of Zinc per serving (or per supplement). Zinc is known to help with health overall, especially when it comes to sinuses and allergies. It has even shown to help with symptoms of influenza and the common cold. Of course, it is by no means a cure for either.

Overall, zinc is known to help with the overall immune system. As a result, there is some evidence that
proves around 30mg of Zinc daily can increase testosterone. Although not completely proven for all men,
studies are ongoing. Having it in Testrx is not a bad thing at all. If he does not help completely with building testosterone, you’re still getting a lot of help with your immune system by using it.

D-Aspartic Acid:

Testrx uses exactly 2,300mg per serving (or per supplement) of D-Aspartic Acid. What does it do? We’re
glad you asked. This is the major part of Testrx that helps you do what the supplement is designed for. The D-Aspartic Acid has proven to be capable of increasing the release of hormones to the brain, which
essentially means more testosterone to claim for the body.

This, ideally, will help you build up the numbers. Think about it, there’s a reason they put in 2,300mg. This acid must be controlled and used in the right way, or it won’t help at all. Therefore, you should be sure not to find this alone and abuse it. Testrx has been studied and aided by proper scientists, meaning it is safe and uses exactness to help others remain that way.

How To Buy:

Clearly, Testrx has a ton of benefits in it that you’ll be getting with every single supplement you take of it. The supplement claims to increase muscle, energy, and strength. On top of this, it claims to be capable of helping with weight loss and even increasing your sex drive. These are incredibly bold claims being made by the maker of Testrx, yet they seem to be able to back it up!

An important note about this supplement is that IT IS NOT a steroid. People often confuse testosterone builders for this, when not all have to be in order to build T-Levels. On top of this, it takes roughly 1 to 3 months for the Testrx Supplement to show its best results. Therefore, this will take time to work for you, so be patient and you WILL see results.

What if you don’t though? If you do not, Testrx offers a 67-day money-back guarantee. That is some big confidence in your product if you ask us.

A few other key things to consider is that you might see how we gave exact numbers above. The reason for this is that Vitamin overdoses are a big problem, and Testrx does not want to contribute to that. This is why it is suggested you consult a doctor before using it, get your own bloodwork done and see if you need to use Testrx at all or be checked up on every so often to make sure your levels aren’t too high.

Testrx is also currently open to discounts, you just need to ask about them. They also offer free shipping! With all of this free or discounted material, as well as a money-back guarantee…how could anyone not try it out?!? To order your bottle of Testrx, click below!

Written by: JoeBurgett