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VigRX Plus: Is It As Useful For Your Male Member As Everyone Claims?

VigRX Plus is hitting its stride and now the world has taken notice. With over 1.2 million boxes sold since 2007, many men have been thankful for help with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. This supplement is now becoming a true wonder for men.

Now, we should point something out at the top of this article. Reactions to medications or supplements vary, meaning you have no guarantees with anything in this world. Some people could have trouble with it and some might be allergic to ingredients in it. This is why we want to lay out all the facts so that you can be
prepared before you consider buying.

VigRX Plus works differently than prescription medications that you might get from your doctor. This is important to note because those medications could come with a long list of issues like reactions and side effects. Even if they work well, this can be a problem for many men. Medications like Viagra are beloved, as well as its over the counter equivalents.

However, this among many others have side effects that can become a problem for some men. This is why we feel all-natural medications or supplements like VigRX Plus can be so important to men all across the world.

Let’s dive into what the ingredients are and how you can benefit from them.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

While the company actually puts a list of their ingredients on their website and gives a bit of information on them, we’re choosing to use outside medical sourcing. The reason for this is that by only using the company website, we’d simply just go with their concepts and ideology. Instead, if we use medical sources, which we will cite and highlight for you, it’ll be easier to see the true facts behind them.


From a historical perspective, Damiana is a herb that has been known to help with sexual desire. The way it usually works is that people will put it into tea or water and either drink liquid with this inside of it or they will simply inhale the fumes. This actually helps with headaches because, like many stimulants, it affects the
sinuses. Therefore, you’re getting things to loosen up when sinuses or allergies cause your headache.

As a stimulant, again like many, this can help with blood flow. On top of this, depression can be helped somewhat. Due to so many natural things it does to the brain, this naturally helps it become an aphrodisiac. Now, it has also been used to work as a hallucinogenic in the past, as too much of it either in liquid or fume form, can cause the central nervous system to react differently. As a result, you’ll see stuff.

However, VigRX Plus is using only a small portion of it inside their supplement.

Epimedium Leaf Extract:

Also referred to as the “horny goat weed” in the past, it too affects the brain in some positive ways. It has actually been used to help with pain problems in the past, so some painkilling medications have implemented it into their meds over the years. Essentially, it helps things like joint pain but it has also been known to help with memory issues. The Chinese used it in many of their teas for centuries to treat numerous different things.

Of course, it also helps with erectile dysfunction too.This is the key reason that VigRX Plus decided to use it. Since it is so well known to assist with normal ED issues, especially as it affects the blood, they were smart to use it. You can find this often used in other supplements too.

Asian Red Ginseng:

The Asian Red Ginseng, often known by many different names, is a popular Asian Herb that has been used for thousands of years. The main uses for it over the years have been to help concentration. However, people eventually found that is helped with physical stamina too. This allowed it to be used in energy building, which is why ginseng has been used in some energy drinks over the years.

It also has been known to help with many neurological problems like anxiety and depression. Due to this, it is sort of a “pick-me-up herb.” Meds or supplements that help with this tend to also make a person more willing to engage in physical activity. As a result, it helps with ED issues. VigRX Plus clearly wanted to use it for all of these factors!

Muira Puama Bark Extract:

Like with the Damiana, the Muira Puama Bark Extract is often considered to be an aphrodisiac. It helps someone want to be sexual, which in turn is a good thing for ED problems. Funny enough, this has also been known to help with joint pain and even menstrual disorders for women. Some have even seen it used for treating paralysis caused by poliomyelitis.

It also operates officially as a stimulant, which also assists it in helping with diets. This is why this extract has often been used in diet medications or supplements.

Hawthorn Berry:

While far too much is made out of antioxidants these days, the Hawthorn Berry is loaded with them and absolutely terrific for you from a health perspective. Like other berries, it helps in aiding digestion. It’s also sweet, which can help bring up mood which is why some have used it for depression and anxiety. There is some proof to suggest that it can help with inflammation too.

The best thing it brings to the table is cardiovascular aides. This includes help with certain heart failure symptoms as well as high blood pressure. This is not insane to believe, as anything used to help with inflammation has some evidence to help with blood pressure trouble. VigRX Plus actually uses it due to all of this, especially due to its cardiovascular assistance.

Catuaba Bark Extract:

The Catuaba Bark Extract is useful for many different things. One of the main things it is used for is sleeping trouble, often related to high blood pressure problems. This includes things like agitation and nervousness as well as other forms of mental and physical fatigue. There is some evidence to show that it helps with memory problems too.

While often mentioned, it does not raise testosterone nor can it really help much with skin cancer. However, it does have some ability to help with this when used with other ingredients. It is possible that VigRX Plus is using it as an “evening out” ingredient. Instead of having all the stimulants in you that will make you jump off the walls, you want something to bring you down a bit. On top of this, it too helps with sexual performance problems in both men and women!

Saw Palmetto:

While there needs to be more research dedicated to the Saw Palmetto, there are several uses that have been proven. Meanwhile, studies into others have been very promising too. We know that it can help with hair loss trouble as well as benefit the human urinary tract function. There has also been some success in treating inflammation problems.

While more search is needed to prove it helps to improve prostate health in men, results so far have been really promising. It is possible that all of this makes it beneficial to the VigRX Plus supplement. The main concept here is that the supplement is trying to cover an important area, the prostate. If you have an ingredient that can do that among other things, why not use it?

Ginkgo Biloba:

Another herb used in the orient for many years, the Ginko Biloba is well-known for its impressive abilities. For years, people have tried somewhat to prove it is not as good as others claim, but several double-blind studies later…the Ginko has proven itself. You’ll likely see it used in A TON of supplements and even pharmaceutical medications. It is “that” popular, seriously.

We know through studies that it does help men with erectile dysfunction but its main purpose is assisting with heart-related issues. However, it is a happy side effect that it helps with ED. See, Ginko helps with blood circulation and thus things like blood disorders, inflammation, and heart problems can be treated with it. However, when you do this, you also help blood flow in the male member. Thereby making it useful for
ED problems in men.


Bioperine is pretty special and it is perfect to round out all the ingredients. You may also know it by its more common name, black pepper. Some success has been seen in its use for dieting purposes, as it helps with increasing the metabolism. It manages to do this by improving thermogenesis. The latter is pretty much the heating of certain things among organisms, such as fat. There is a reason we refer to weight loss as “burning off the fat.”

By increasing the internal temperature within the body, Bioperine can break down fat cells by doing this, which helps to regulate weight. The question is, why does VigRX Plus use it? It seems that this particular ingredient will help to fully integrate the supplement into the body, due to its effect on metabolism. Since it also burns fat, it will likely also give energy and assist the other ingredients in doing their specific jobs.

What You Should Know

When looking at all of those ingredients, you can wonder why the VigRX Plus group would use them all. Ofcourse, many of them do the same things or belong to a similar family. Therefore, couldn’t one or a few work? Why all of these?

When making medications or supplements for the majority, a lot has to be considered. Not only do you need to make sure you use more ingredients that will be sure to affect more people but you also want to use those that are best at certain material. For example, some of these may treat ED but not entirely well in some respects. By boosting with another just like it, you put two ingredients together to treat a problem.

The supplement gives you energy, makes you want to have sex with your partner, and even improves your physical rate. All of this will make your partner happy for sure! On top of this, there isn’t any risk of staying erect for four or more hours like that of other certain prescriptions out there. It does help with keeping erections and even enhancing in some men, this does not equal several hours of hardness that can become painful for any man.

Do keep in mind that it is a supplement meant to build up a man’s performance. This is why it may take a month or two before you see drastic results. This is the crux with all-natural supplements, it can take longer. However, you’re building your body up to help itself and you’re not risking damage to anything. If we’re being honest…we don’t see a negative here!

Side Effects:

As of now, there are no reported side effects from those who have used VigRX Plus. However, everyone is different and this “could” always still occur one day. This is why we cannot rule out side effects being possible as of yet. One thing to also keep in mind is that too much of any ingredient listed above can cause some issues.

Therefore, check into the supplements or medications you currently use. If they have a good bit of one or more of the ingredients above, be aware of this and keep track of any possible problems you might have when using them together or near the same time.

More FAQs:

Another few important things you might be asking while reading this is…well…how long will it take to get once I order it? The VigRX Plus team tries to make sure you get it anywhere between 30 to 60 days. You should be notified. On top of this, they actually ship internationally, However, due to it being international, it could take as long as 72 days to get it. Please keep this in mind if you live outside North America!

There are some places that sell VigRX Plus, but it is unlikely as of now to be sold at any major pharmacy. If  anything, you’ll likely see it at mom and pop type pharmacies or stores like GNC. However, you can order it online too, which we’ll link you to below.

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