VolumePills Reviews

Volume Pills: When You Want A Great Coming Out Party

Do you have a low semen count? Concerned with how you perform in the bedroom? Then you should know
about Volume Pills, a supplement built specifically for men who deal with very low semen numbers
consistently. We want to be sure we specify “consistently” too, as men can have low counts for many

Sometimes, this is short-term and nothing to care about. However, there are times in which this is a longterm issue that should be addressed appropriately. This is where Volume Pills need to be considered, as they will help you build the numbers. Not only that, but they’ll do it using completely natural ingredients. That obviously cuts down on major interactions with other medications as well as horrible side effects.

The people behind Volume Pills promise to bring numbers up but they also claim that using their
supplement will allow men to enjoy a longer orgasm as well as have a harder and even longer erection.
These are big claims, especially with all the other supplements and medications out there that promise
similar things.

However, it seems to be capable of this based on the numerous positive reviews people are leaving. What’s
in the supplement? Good question, let’s dive into that.

Ingredients In Volume Pills

The ingredients inside Volume Pills are clearly very important in helping it live up to the promises the
developers are making. It is claimed that they used 2,000+ year research in male vitality to develop their
supplement, and that very well could be true. The ingredients used are certainly those you might have seen
around that time. Many of them are Chinese in origin, which is important to mention as some have been
used in herbal drugs for the region for centuries while others are newer to the party.

We should also make sure to note that we will not be using the company’s website when addressing the
ingredients inside Volume Pills. The reason for this is that companies have a reason to be biased about their product and ingredients inside of it. As a result, we wanted to discuss the ingredients using medical and other science-based information using other sources. With that said, let’s dive into the ingredients.

Solidilin & Drilizen:

While little is known about the exact things Solidilin is made from, we do know it is essentially an extract that is often used alongside Drilizen. When in use together, they are meant to help with natural male enhancement. The way it accomplishes this is through affecting neurotransmitters in the same way chocolate or even soft drinks affect it. Drilizen is said to help in the release of nitric oxide, which can help blood flow and therefore possibly help with erections.

Solidilin directly targets dopamine, specifically the side of L-Dopa. This is known to help with things like Parkinson’s disease, but it’s mostly just a dopamine affector. Do keep in mind that Volume Pills likely used it because of it being a natural aide to male enhancement. Of course, there is a reason why it is used alongside Drilizen, as they both do different yet important things to make the other work better.

Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen:

The two ingredients formed into one, for Volume Pills, are often formed into one for other needs too.
They’re often used together due to what they are classified as. Known as Vasodilators, ingredients that do
this quite literally dilate blood vessels, allowing them to flow better. Of course, to dilate means to open in this case, so you’re basically opening the blood up for better movement.

This is very useful for things like High Blood Pressure, as Hypertension can truly be a terrible thing on the body and especially the heart. If you dilate the blood like this, you also allow for better usage of blood movement to the penis too. Keep in mind, when men become erect, it is due to blood among other things going into the area to allow it. If one has proper blood movement, they could, in turn, have a better erection.
This is why Volume Pills use the two, for sure. Both are also well-known in the Chinese herbal community.

4’,5,7 Trihydroxyflavone and Emblica Officinalis:

For some reason, Volume Pills wanted to be all fancy and use the scientific term for what most know as
Apigenin. It too is known by the Chinese very well by now and has been used in several other supplements.
It is often used as a dietary flavonoid that can be found in several fruits and vegetables. The Chinese have used it in many herbal medications for centuries.

It actually has a lot of good uses as it acts as a useful anti-inflammatory while also showing some success as an antiviral and antibacterial aide alongside other ingredients. Due to being useful at helping with inflammation, it has also shown to be useful in lowering high blood pressure. Due to all of this effect on the blood, you can see why Volume Pills used it. As it will have some sort of role in helping blood flow properly to a man’s penile region.

San Guo Mu:

There is not enough research, especially from the medical community, to know the full effects of what the
San Guo Mu has on the human body. We do know that there is some proof that it can impact the
cardiovascular system, but to what extent is not fully known. The Chinese have used it in herbal medications or supplements for a long time, yet there is not enough evidence to back up the claims made.

The idea is that it supposedly assists in semen production as it regulates blood pressure. Therefore, during sex, one naturally will see their heartbeat increase. Supposedly, the San Guo Mu helps to keep this going, which means better blood flow and therefore a consistently erect penis. This also means that semen will properly be preparing up for a better overall volume when the man climaxes.

Dong Chong Xia Cao:

Also known to many as Cordyceps, the Dong Chong Xia Cao has been proven to help with a ton of things.
While it is a parasitic fungus, this is not exactly as scary as it seems. We make many things out of fungus these days. In herbal remedies or supplements, it has been used to treat everything from coughs, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues to helping with kidney disorders, nighttime urination issues, high cholesterol,irregular heartbeat, and anemia. Due to all of this, it is clearly something that affects the blood when used in supplements.

Yet it could easily be used in a mist or smoke that could affect the respiratory issues. If it helps blood issues, naturally that means it could have an effect on a man’s sexual ability. Ideally, this will help the man get an erection and keep it longer. While it has shown to increase testosterone in mice, this is not proven in human beings as of yet. However, it would not be shocking to see an ingredient like this have some effect on hormones. It’s not shocking at all to see Volume Pills use it.

Zinc Oxide:

Zinc Oxide is often used to treat things like rashes, burns, or chapped skin. However, other uses for the skin are abundant. This includes things like treating hemorrhoids, itching, and much much more. There are some versions of this that are even used in acne creams too. Of course, Volume Pills claims that it helps to metabolize testosterone, which could increase sexual vigor.

Normal Zinc, when used with things like magnesium, has proven to help with increasing testosterone.
However, Zinc Oxide on its own does not exactly have the same proof in data form as of yet. Therefore,
while it is certainly not bad to have Zinc in this supplement, Volume Pills likely are assuming its use will work as it does with other similar supplements. In that, it’ll connect the same way it does with those ingredients.

Ling Zhi:

Ling Zi is actually a mushroom fungus, which may bring back some of the vibes from the Song Chong Xia
Cao above. It does a lot of things to the human body, but one of the most important is helping to regulate
blood glucose levels. While it also helps the immune system too, the fact that it helps with something blood related is big. If you’re following along, ingredients that do this tend to also have some effect on the downstairs area.

Volume Pills claims it can help with mood and that it is even an anti-inflammatory. Technically speaking, it has shown some results in helping with inflammation but not enough to make it notable. Of course, if you help glucose and the immune system, moods can alter with this too. Therefore, there is some proof of what they claimed about it but not a lot. Whereas an ingredient like this could be quite useful to the overall Volume Pills supplement.

Xian Mao:

The Xian Mao, also known as the Curculigo, has been used in several herbal medications and supplements
throughout Asia. This includes it use in both the notable Chinese and Indian herbal remedies. It has been
used as a part of so many that there is likely far too much said about what it “could” do. Isolated, however, there are only a few things it is known for.

It is very important to mention that only experienced herbalists use the Xian Mao because it is actually
mildly toxic to humans. Of course, there are many ingredients in normal pharmaceuticals that have the same issue. As long as the proper amount of this is used and added correctly, there is nothing to worry about. Not only can it treat some pains but it can also help with symptoms one might get from colds. It has also shown to be useful in strengthening the function of kidneys. However, Volume Pills use it likely because of the belief that it’s an aphrodisiac.

Tian Men Dong:

Also referred to as Wild Asparagus, there have been numerous studies to prove that that Asparagus has
therapeutic properties. It has been used in herbal medicines or supplements by Indians, Chinese, British,
Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations at some point. It has been known to help women with their “time
of the month.” This could mean that it has some ability to affect hormones.

Of course, it has also shown to help with numerous gastrointestinal issues as well as pain, diabetes, and even anxiety. It is likely that the Volume Pills utilize it due to its ability to do exactly as claimed, but also due to how it has been known to help with sexual performance. Of course, even with this being mentioned, there is no guarantee. Among other ingredients, however, it serves a much better chance.

Fucus Vesiculosus:

Also known as the Bladderwrack, the Fucus Vesiculosus is used for numerous thyroid issues, including
things like an oversized thyroid gland. While it also has been known as a blood cleanser, this is a misnomer.
It helps with issues in the blood, as it’s shown to be successful as an anti-inflammatory that helps arthritis achy joints. However, this is not exactly a cleanser.

Due to the blood connection, it also has been used to stop the hardening of arteries in humans. There was
some thought that it helped with obesity by assisting people with losing weight and keeping it off. However, this has since proven to not be the case. In spite of this, the other uses it has should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that it helps the thyroid, which in turn could improve hormones and even sexual health.

How To Buy

If you’d like to try the Volume Pills, who could blame you? They have shown a lot of useful results for men all over the world already. If it can do all it claims, would you feel it is worthy of your time? One would assume that this is the case.

Keep in mind, this is not Viagra and therefore NOT an instant magic pill. Since this supplement is all-natural and not considered a “pharmaceutical” drug, it does not work the same as Viagra. Therefore, it can take 3 weeks to 2 months to work in people. It honestly just depends on the man and his body chemistry versus another.

What if we told you there was no risk in trying it because the company pretty much gives you a get out of
jail free card?

Perhaps you want to try Volume Pills but aren’t sure if it’s worth the money, even though it is pretty
inexpensive. You try it and are not seeing any success. The company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee
for those people. They are so confident it will work, they let you go all the way to the conclusion of the
bottle and if you say it didn’t work, they’ll refund you.

However, it will likely work for you. Why would they ever be so confident if they felt a lot of people would have trouble with it, right?

There’s no risk monetarily, however, we’d still recommend you speak to your doctor. Go see him or her and
get regular bloodwork done and explain to them that you want to try this. They’ll be able to tell you if you’re healthy enough for this or if there is a possible ingredient problem. Once your doctor signs off on it, be sure to try it out risk-free. To purchase your bottle, click below!